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-Veterans & Military

-First Responders


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We invite businesses and organizations that have something to offer in support to military and first responders to join us.

About Us


We are an East Texas mobile directory connecting Veterans/Military & First Responders to LOCAL businesses & organizations who support them.

We help those who serve us by listing businesses, events, & resources that support them, saving them time and money. 

About Them

Military & First Responders are:

Moms & Dads

Sons & Daughters

Aunts & Uncles

Cousins & Friends

Neighbors & Coworkers

We thank them ALL for their sacrifices and service.  

About The ETAAP

We Appreciate Active Duty Military Service Members, Veterans & First Responders

There are literally thousands of businesses in our area that generously support both our first responders and  military members by offering discounts, services, or programs, designed specifically for them... 

...But how are they supposed to know....WHO DOES and WHO DOESN'T? WHAT DO THEY OFFER? and WHERE are THEY LOCATED?

 The East Texas Appreciation App 

(ETAAP) was designed for first responders, military veterans, active duty, spouses, and other dependents as a directory of supportive businesses/organizations located right here in East Texas. 


Save Veteran/Military/First Responder families time and money by connecting them with the businesses/organizations that support them


The ETAAP is not only a great resource for  finding  DISCOUNTS and SPECIALS at hundreds of LOCAL businesses but is also a great resource for finding programs and services such as:


-Car Buying Programs/Auto Repair



-LOCAL JOBS/Human Resources

-Attorneys/Legal Aid

-Local Events/Attractions

-VA Information/Veteran Service Org


-and much more

Please download the FREE East Texas Appreciation App to your smartphone and share it with your veteran/military/first responder friends and family members.  You can now also view it online. Share our website with them. 

Why List Your Business on the ETAAP

Marketing to Military & First Responders

1) There are over 1.6 million veterans/military members/spouses/dependents who reside, visit, or are stationed in Texas yet very few businesses include them in their marketing and advertising budgets

2) Just because your business is located in a military rich area, that does not mean you are getting as many military related patrons as you could have. According to the VA, 86% of Military related personnel will look for discounts/incentives BEFORE making a buying decision. 

3) There are thousands of area businesses that generously offer military discounts/incentives but before the creation of the ETAAP, there  was no centralized, easily accessible, resource for our veteran, military members , and first responders to find them

4) Veterans/Military Members/First Responders & spouses are just like the rest of us. They use smartphones and are MOBILE. Creating a mobile app and placing the information right in their hands just makes sense.

5) Showing genuine support for our military & first responders expresses caring and goodwill. Those who serve are loyal and will share their experiences with their family and friends. In addition, 84% of civilians look favorably upon businesses that are military friendly.

The ETAAP is successful because of these principles. We grow everyday!! 

Through our ads, social media, and constant word of mouth, we have become the "go to" resource for thousands of veterans, active duty military members, first responders,  and their families.

Supporting Each Other

The East Texas area is home to thousands of veterans, military, and first responders. It is only common sense that area business owners would cater to them and let them know they care! 

Please JOIN U.S. in Making a Difference

We invite businesses and organizations that have something to offer in support to military and first responders to register and join us in this great program.

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If you know of a Military/Veteran/First Responder Supportive business or organization, please share their info with us so we can include them. THANK YOU!!

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